Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Yuliia Kovalova

Yuliia Kovalova

Product Designer

Tech Talk Speaker

I first realized the importance of good user experience when I started working as a part of the customer care team for an airline company. I saw how many things could be improved based on the customer feedback I received and from that time on I started to develop my curiosity in digital products and experience they deliver. My sociological background allowed me to uncover user needs by asking the right questions, research and ideate on solutions that meet their goals.

At first I was mainly focused on the research side of the projects; however later I became more and more interested in “making things come true” by designing them. Now I enjoy working on every phase of the design process, from initial research to concept testing.

My skillset is based on multidisciplinary knowledge and experience from such fields as sociology, innovation management and communication design. Being a product designer for SaaS systems allows me to think outside the box and constantly come up with new solutions while keeping in mind primary user goals.

I enjoy working with complex systems and designing innovative products that aim to make users lives easier. I like to think globally and seek inspiration in different design areas. As for me designing solutions that have an impact on people’s lives and work is a big responsibility and a pleasure at the same time.

Main Stage
June 8, 13:25
The match between system and the real world - how does it build an experience that feels intuitive