Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Yalda Mirzai

Yalda Mirzai

VP of IT & Data - Commercial Technology & Innovation


Yalda joined Danone in September 2020 as a member of the IT&Data board reporting to Erwin LOGT, SVP, Chief Information Officer.

Yalda started her career in 1992 at Cisco systems. In 1995 she joined AMGEN(Applied Molecular Genetics), leading Product and Solutions Development in California. In 1997 she moved to the Swiss headquarters and was appointed as the Head of Global Online Platforms. In 2002, she moved to the film industry; namely Sony Pictures as Executive Director – International IT leading global technology for theatrical, DVD, and television businesses undergoing significant digital transformation. She continued her career in the film industry as the Managing Director, working for Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, Technicolor, TV Guide/Comcast, The Screen Actor’s Guild, and The Director’s Guild of America. In 2006 she joined the Dot Come Wave at as Vice President of Global Product Development. In 2008, she was appointed Global CIO at InfonXX / In 2010, she moved to Plan International, a humanitarian organization as the Global Chief Information Officer. In 2013, she joined Santa Fe Group in the role of Global Chief Information Officer. In 2017, she rejoined the tech sector as Chief Information Officer, EMEA at CA Technologies.

Yalda has a passion for digital technology as a lever for business growth. She has spent the majority of her career reporting to business but has stayed close to her product and engineering roots.