Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Tove Chevalley

Tove Chevalley

Head of Electrolux Global Innovation Hub

Keynote Speaker

Tove Chevalley is an experience innovation and transformation leader with a knowledge from working within world leading brands as well as start ups and consultancy firms. Currently as Head of Electrolux Global Innovation Hub she leads an international and networked team with the aim to positively challenge conventional thinking and rethink the way we cook, care for our clothes and the wellbeing of our homes, all for a better and more sustainable future. From failure, success and collaboration she has learned what is needed and what it takes to move people, teams and companies through change and innovate for a future that looks vastly different than their past and present. 

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Main Stage
June 7, 15:55
Keynote Speaker: TOVE CHEVALLEY