Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Sowmya Bhargavi

Sowmya Bhargavi

Technical Consulting Engineer


Sowmya has been working with Cisco Security for about four years now and is one of the youngest Subject Matter Expert in Identity-Based Technologies across many platforms including Cisco's Flagship Identity Services Engine(ISE). Apart from security, she excels in Routing & Switching and is a Devnet associate. She has published a plethora of technical articles on, Python Scripting, and Web Automation Apps. She leads the product enhancement from her site and has won ISE 3.0 bug hunt. Sowmya has been a distinguished SecCon speaker in sessions held over all three continents, CWICS and Cisco Live Speaker '21 and '22. She has also delivered several training sessions with up to a footfall of two hundred attendees and won the Cloud CTF SecCon ‘22. You can follow her on Linkedin:

June 8, 12:00
Applications assemble: Orchestration with APIs