Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Oktawia Hryp-Czerwińska

Oktawia Hryp-Czerwińska

Senior Trainer (Training Support)


Training & Development Specialist, Business Trainer, Licenced MTQ Consultant - a trainer with ten years of experience passionately helping in people's development. She has experience in a training work in an international and intercultural environment, in various industries and with various professional groups.

By completing the education of a sociologist, master's degree in human resource management and a business trainer, she perfectly understands how the process of acquiring knowledge is going. In designing training courses, she is primarily guided by reaching the needs of the participants and providing them with a relaxed atmosphere which is a necessary element of going through change - because every new knowledge is a change!

Fascinated by the use of modern technologies and tools to make the teaching and learning process more attractive. 

June 8, 10:30
’Growth Mindset’ – the approach, which changes everything