Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Małgorzata Mateusiak

Małgorzata Mateusiak

Data Engineering


I am software engineer with 5 years of experience. My journey with programming I started during studies at Warsaw University of Technology at faculty of Mechatronics.

My major was Biomedical Engineering. I gained title of engineer, then master.


If not right supervisor in college, I would never start working with Java, and so there would not be my first job as junior software engineer at Samsung, then promotion to regular java developer.

After 3 years at Samsung, I started working at Goldman Sachs and soon will be celebration my third anniversary here!


So far I tried to learn many technologies e.g. I was working with Java (Spring Boot and Vert.X), Python (data analysis in Python), AWS cloud and terraform.

I am familiar with SQL and no-SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Snowflake.


I would like to share with you my knowledge is listed technologies and also share about good practises in coding, code management (Git and Gitlab).

I put a lot of attention to soft skills like: communication and art of public speaking.


In my private time I like work out e.g.: yoga, climbing wall, walking, hiking, swimming. From board games I like play Monopoly. Backpack traveling happens to me quite often.