Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Małgorzata Bugajska

Małgorzata Bugajska

Technical Project Manager, Amazon Ring


Małgorzata Bugajska has been working at Amazon for over 6 years. She started her journey as a Quality Assurance Engineer and in 2020 moved to a Technical Program Manager (TPM) role. 

Until last month Małgorzata was part of a team that develops and maintains embedded Text-To-Speech technology, you can find on Amazon devices like Fire Tablets or Alexa Multimodal devices. Recently she joined the Ring organization, focusing on developing smart home security devices with a mission to make neighborhoods safer.


In her private life Małgorzata is a happy owner of a 7 year-old Cavalier Spaniel. In free time she crochets, knits, plays the ukulele and cultivates her garden outside of the city. She loves exploring the world with her husband always choosing nature and calm places over the popular touristic destinations. After work hours, Małgorzata is engaged as volunteer in a non-governmental foundation “Mam Marzenie” that makes kids’ dreams come true.