Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Magdalena Czarnecka

Magdalena Czarnecka

Junior Level Designer


Magda started working in QA (Quality Assurance) in 2012, but soon after found a "real" job in accounting. However, games and testing were still stuck in her head, so she returned to the industry in 2014 and started working for a mobile game development company. From day one she knew it was the right choice (but even today her parents ask her when she'll have a "normal" job). After 2 years she felt the need to make "big" games, so she decided to turn her life upside down and move to Warsaw to join CD PROJEKT RED. 

For years she was a QA Team Leader, now she fulfils herself as a Junior Level Designer. 

In her free time, she likes jogging, playing basketball, riding a bike, and of course playing games (both computer and board games). She enjoys analyzing the games she plays by trying to answer the question "why is this game good?". Taking a game apart helps her a lot in her work.

June 7, 13:30
QA as a Great Start to Game-Dev