Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Katarzyna Cichocka

Katarzyna Cichocka

Strategic Program Manager |STEM Education Communication Manager


Katarzyna ( Kasia) pours her heart and soul into the programs she is responsible for. She plays a key role in all strategic programs at the Poland Site where she is responsible for the transformation of the culture.  Her effort in this area was recognized by the Culture Hero title granted by senior management of Intel. She is an active leader in multiple organizations and manages programs that support the education of employees and students from all over Poland.

As part of the Women Cohort/ WIN initiative, she manages a group thanks to which employees have access to exceptional training and inspiring meetings. Kasia empowers and inspires high-potential women university students to pursue their dreams in STEAM fields. She continually supports them in getting often first professional experience and leads them through the Intel’s Scholarship Program New Technologies for Women (which was the first and, for long time only scholarship program for women sponsored by business) or ITforShe.  Thanks to this young students have the opportunity for professional and personal development. She is also influencing Intel employees to take an effort and support multiple programs by being mentors and trainers in programs like Women in Tech Summit, Women in Tech Days, WIN Conference, and many more.
During the summer holidays, she organizes Intel Summer Internship Program for students, which helps bring the brightest and most talented people from all over Poland into our Intel family