Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Karolina Zychiewicz

Karolina Zychiewicz

Business Group Value Stream Manager


Karolina is experienced Value Stream Manager responsible for Safety and Industrial Business Group in 3M Wroclaw, working on growth and development of various portfolios: personal protections, industrial and vinyl tapes, paint preparation systems.

In 3M since 2008 handled multiple roles in supply chain and manufacturing organization  gaining experience both in planning and production areas what allowed her to build overview of end to end processes influencing quality, service and price of products.

Karolina’s focus is to make every value stream responding to Customer needs using automations, optimal raw material supply chains and effective information management.

On top of Value Stream responsibilities Karolina is handling role of Women’s Leadership Forum Chair in 3M Poland Manufacturing organization since 2019, focusing on development and career advancement of young female leaders. Diversity of any kind is her true passion.