Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Jolanta Cieszanowska-Raczka

Jolanta Cieszanowska-Raczka

Business Analyst Manager


Jolanta is a Business Analyst Manager leading the team of unique business analysts in Standard Chartered in the Cyber Security Department. Her 12 years of experience in business and processes analysis was gained from commercial banks and the software house in the areas such as cyber security and HR.

Jolanta enjoys sharing her knowledge, experience and passion. She is always eager to help and find a solution. Her team members and employees find her a people-oriented person. She listens, facilitates discussions, and resolves disputes and problems.

She graduated in Corporate Finance and Banking from Kozminski University.

Owner of the 2-year-old Corgi Pembroke called Cookie. She dedicated her free time to organizing long breakfast parties for friends and obedience exercises with her dog.

Jolanta's passion is backpack travels around the globe, enjoying her husband's company.