Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Joanna Jadwiszczak

Joanna Jadwiszczak

Data Development Manager


My career is a proof that anyone can make it in tech, as long as they're willing to commit and ivest their time and effort in self-development.

I graduated University of Warsaw, majoring in Japanese studies. After finishing my degree, I was awarded Japanese Ministry of Education grant to study at Gakuhsuin Women's College, focusing on intercultural relations. My first corporate job was at Hays Japan, when I was recruiting Sales Direcors and General Managers for semiconductors industry. Even though the job was very challanging and soft skills were always my forte, I was lacking the structured and technical element, that would satisfy the analytical part of me. 

I decided to move back to Poland and start a consulting job with Microstrategy, specilizing in BI solutions. Consulting required both technical knowledge and people skills, so for me, it was a perfect combination. However, as time passed by, I realized I was looking for more challange and wanted to get to know other Bi toolsets as well, so I joined Natwest Markets Sales Team, that allowed me to spread my wings and upskill my BI tool knowledge. A year later a technical team was created and I joined very tallented and knwoledgable people to strat automating manual processes for Natwest Markets and later, whole Natwest Finance and Risk Department.

Now, after two sucessful years of hard work, I am managing a team of Data Developers, that utilizing their knowledge of Python, SQL and BI Toolset, try to lower the number of manual excel raporting and give people back some time to focus on moe challanging and decisive tasks.