Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Elena Pesavento

Elena Pesavento

Technology & Labs Project Manager


I hold a Master Degree in Bioingineering at the University of Padova achieved in October 2008. My thesis title was “Phonocardiographic classification of mechanical heart valve prostheses”, which was analysis of signal of mechanical heart valve prostheses in order to prevent and reduce malfunctions.

I worked at the company MEDarchiver Srl in Trieste from January 2009 to December 2010, which has developed an integrated management system medical multimedia.

I have been working in Electrolux Home Appliances since January 2011.

I started as laboratory activities coordinator that allowed me to better know the products. In the following years I kept growing till becoming a project manager in 2019. In these years I had the possibility to lead and manage module projects in collaboration with different departments inside the company located worldwide.

Currently I am managing a pool of projects inside R&D organization with the main aim of controlling expenses and guaranteeing projects requirements and timing.

My passion for sports and travels allowed me to develop a spirit of adaptation to different situations and competitiveness to achieve the objectives.