Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Bartosz Ciepluch

Bartosz Ciepluch

VP, General Manager DCAI and NEX Poland

Keynote Speaker

Bartosz Ciepluch is Intel Vice President and General Manager of the data center, AI, networking, and edge R&D groups in Poland. 

Bartosz’s motto, inspired by one of his favorite rock bands – Perl Jam goes: "I know I was born, and I know that I'll die, the in-between is mine, I am mine". It is reflected in business in his strong, consistent ownership of the results of his work and great proactivity in taking ownership of both failures and successes.

Bartosz got his engineering degree in microprocessors and programable devices at Lodz Technical University and graduated a Master of Science in cooperation with the University of Seville in Spain. He got his second business degree at the Economical University of Wroclaw where he specialized in the Management of Small and Medium companies. 

Before joining Intel, Bartosz used to lead the Nokia Technology Center in Wroclaw and served as a board member of Nokia  Poland. He was the first Pole and the youngest manager leading the 2nd largest Nokia R&D in the world. 

Bartosz is a strong believer in the value of inclusion expressed as honest mutual respect between humans leading to synergy and innovation while collaborating in diverse teams. He advocates that viewpoint at worldwide forums like the Better Man conference to help transform the industry towards equity and inclusion. At the same time, Bartosz actively sponsors D&I programs at Intel in Poland, shaping the way they run.  

Bartosz's focus is on expanding the technical leadership of R&D groups in Poland and the region and on establishing world-class leadership practices. In this area, his efforts are affecting R&D site growth, expanded community and academic relationships, cross-group synergies, and all of that to leverage Poland’s regional location to best support Intel Customers. 

Privately Bartosz is a happy husband and father of three lovely daughters. In his free time, he enjoys watching speedway, tennis  and reading business books


Main Stage
June 7, 9:55