Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Anna Noszczyk-Częścik

Anna Noszczyk-Częścik

Senior Trainer


Anna Noszczyk-Częścik is Business Psychologist, Certified Team and Executive Coach as well as Facilitator and Trainer for diverse developmental processes. For the last decade with some great passion and engagement she has been supporting people in NatWest Poland in their growth in topics ranging through thinking development, team cooperation, communication, stress management and wellbeing, self-efficiency and motivation, undergoing change and many more. During her career she has created countless development programmes, workshops and sessions to make its recipients thrive and enable them to reveal their potential. Definitely you can say she is truly living and breathing her job as people are always at the heart of what she does.

June 8, 10:30
’Growth Mindset’ – the approach, which changes everything