Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022
Alessandra Vizza

Alessandra Vizza

Business Director EMEA, NSA & India for the Advanced-Flow™ Reactors

Keynote Speaker

Alessandra Vizza is currently Business Director EMEA, NSA & India for the Advanced- Flow ™ Reactors business at Corning. She has over 15 years of international active industry experience. In her current role she focuses on the adoption of the technology, insuring business growth with successful implementation of production cases in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Alessandra earned a master degree in Food & Technology from Università Statale di Milano and she has continued her executive education with an INSEAD Certificate in Global Management. Born in Italy, she moved to France in 2008 and has built her life here with family and friends. Working with Corning, global market leading innovator in material science, she enjoys the international mindset, alongside with regular business travels around the globe. Her team sees her as an optimistic and enthusiastic leader. She is a fervent supporter of diversity and inclusion at all levels, that she puts in practice every day with direct and transversal management. Alessandra is at her best when she can grow talents, technology and business.

Main Stage
June 8, 9:55
My Own Experimental Journey